A Macaron is Sown


A Macaron is Sown

After being inspired by many a blog recently, I was encouraged to follow a recipe from beginning to end, which felt more like “till death do us part” after making these monsters. Cute monsters, but monsters still. Why is this notable?

I am bored by most recipes, more bored by cooking or baking in general, and most bored when in a cooking or baking related store. Crate&Barrel? Shoot me now. William-Sonoma? I’ll wait next door at Sephora. What cracked my resolve was finding out that a regular human being (and not only French-studied super humans) could make these. Nevermind that the thrifted purchase of a lesser stand mixer took 14 minutes to beat the egg whites properly, or turn the beaten egg-whites into peaks after adding abnormal amounts of sugar (23 minutes instead of the noted 7-8). I sweated mildy and swore profusely, but managed to follow the recipe and found these creations staring at me from the parchment papered cookie sheet.

What I learned though, is that KitchenAid is synonomous with a product for a reason (much like Kleenex and Post-It), and I had to beg, borrow or steal to make sure I would not have to suffer through this already lengthy process unduly in the future. Although my resolve broke and I cracked out some pistachio flavored macarons soon after my initial experiment (which was almond with a raspberry white chocolate filling). Back to KitchenAid, my research began at Macy’s, and soon I had six open tabs to equally represent Amazon, Macy’s, William-Sonoma, Target, and QVC (yeah, I said it, they have insane deals sometimes, especially with their “easy pay.” And I dare you not to get excited when they bundle their delicious Philosophy skin and body care products. It might change your life like it changed mine). I quickly noted that Macy’s was a cheap shot player, and though they boast of some kind of ridiculous sale once a week (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, It’s Saturday Day!), they were almost 33% more than the other retailers. Thunk. Target was similar, as was Amazon, and my main contenders were surprisingly William-Sonoma, KitchenAid.com, and QVC. I actually was entranced by the hour long program on QVC last night featuring KitchenAid, but was disappointed not to find the color I had in mind. Thunk. Down to William-Sonoma and KitchenAid.

In my research, I noted that there were differently sized bowls, along with colors, accessories, and prices. What better way to figure out this madness than to consult a professional via livechat on KitchenAid.com? This may be some form of showrooming, as I initially doubted I would be purchasing my new toy from the source itself, but hoped some education would get thrown my way. Surprisingly, I chatted with a rad employee who was stationed somewhere on the east coast, and shared her personal preferences and noted what would be best for what I would be using my mixer for. Then my heart stopped a beat when she recommended I consider purchasing a refurb model, and save about $100. What? Pick out my color, and get over the fact that it has a 6 month warranty compared to 12, and note that there are service locations all over the country as well as replacement parts? Sounds too good to be true.

After sending her manager an email regarding how helpful my livechat buddy was, I told her I would be back to place my order after taking a day to sit on the info and consider my color choice. While I thought the new limited edition Raspberry Ice was initially the love of my life, I reconsidered the next morning how pleasing to the eye that blue ice was.

Placing my order is on the agenda for tomorrow, and I could not be more excited. Part II will tell if I get the deal of my dreams, or if there’s more to the story.