As Leslie Knope would say…

Gal-entine’s Day has come and gone, and to celebrate some of my sweet girlfriends, I put my newly acquired macaroon making skills to use and cranked out some delicious puffy pastries.  And by that I mean I spent over six hours concocting over 70 dang cookies.  That’s in addition to the first batch that had to be completely tossed due to the egg whites not being mixed enough (remember my crappy-ish HB mixer that was supposed to be replaced by a KitchenAid but then I re-discovered Ikea???  I knew this would come back to bite me!).  

Back to my gals.  So I decided to not only crank out enough for several of my friends (and enough to “taste test”), I have been collecting various flavored exracts since my first macaroon attempt, and now wanted to come up with unbelievable delish flavor combos.  With a lot of thinking and experimenting, I developed the following: Lemon with lavender buds sprinkled on top:



Coffee flavored with ground espresso:



Almond Rose with additional ground almonds:



Now if you’re wondering just want 70 macaroons look like all lined up, wonder no more:





Additional gratuitous macaroon shot:



So that was my Galentine’s Day, and it was a lot of sweaty work, but a lot of fun.  The project got even more fun when I spent so much time picking out patterned tissue paper and pastry boxes, in addition to shipping boxes and digging for addresses, I nearly didn’t get to the post office in the appropriate time to ship out in time!  This was indeed a labor of love, but totally worth it.


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